In this sector, the GSF Group offers its inspectors a complete training course. A cutting-edge apprenticeship to perfect employee knowledge in a vital environment. A technical platform has been installed for this purpose at the GSF University in Vallauris, next to the Group’s head office in Sophia Antipolis. This platform has an operating theatre and research laboratory with professional equipment. A “hospital room” area has also been created with an adjoining bathroom. Everything is identical to the hospital environment, so that employees can discover real-life conditions. Every apprentice follows week-long theory and practical training courses.


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Anticipating the future means carefully crafting apprenticeships at GSF. For several years now, a Work/Study Division has been established to increase the number of new apprentices on this training scheme. At the end of 2014, 500 apprentices had joined the Group. An increase of 16% in one year. Efforts are continuing to develop their numbers at GSF. Amongst the many advantages of this system, GSF would like to highlight two. Firstly, the apprentice has the time to learn and master their role, which is a keen advantage when it comes to recruitment.  Secondly, the apprentice who does not join the Group but who has had quality training will be an excellent ambassador for the Group!


GSF University has just added a module to its training programme dedicated to GSF Fundamentals, which have ensured the significant success of the Group for over 50 years... Its continued growth increases the number of employees encouraging many new recruits and the “Fundamentals” module is a reminder of the basic rules. This is a participative day during which people discuss the organisation, behaviour, safety, acts and movements, discretion, corporate spirit, customer communication, site knowledge, quality controls, services and more. The range of subjects covered is as broad as the purpose : satisfy customers and employees who have all the resources necessary to carry out their work.

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