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Postal application from September. Deadline for applications: 1st March 2016

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Validation of your dossier by GSF at the beginning of the year

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Study report after 1 year . Deadline for applications to GSF : 30th April 2017

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Pre-selection of 3 teams for a hearing in June

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An overview of GSF Springboard



Mathieu Clairay, Chef d'équipe GSF“The GSF Springboard was for me an opportunity to create and develop and innovative project”

“In June 2012, we took part in the final of the GSF Springboard at GSF head office in Sophie-Antipolis accompanied by our tutor, Charline Lemonnier, a specialised food engineer. We finished 3rd, however we really learned a great deal from this experience. After the GSF Springboard, I joined the unit in Rennes to do a work/study apprenticeship with a professional qualification. Then the Group offered me a job as a Team Manager. I have been looking after a team of 9 people since July 2013. “

Mathieu, Team Manager, GSF Celtus

Antonin Flamion, responsable d'exploitation GSF Ariane“The GSF Springboard introduced me to GSF, how its works and its specific characteristics.”

“I have a 3-year degree in Quality, Safety and the Environment. Before that I graduated with an HND in Hygiene, Cleaning and the Environment. The GSF Springboard introduced me to GSF and its specific characteristics compared to other French companies, and all that made me want to join the Group. I can say that it’s partly because of the competition that I am at GSF today. I am a Junior Inspector with the Maxéville unit. I manage a monthly portfolio of around 80,000 euros. In my sector I have 3 main customers which represent 70% of my portfolio: a superstore, a food processing site and an industrial site. “

Antonin, Inspector, GSF Ariane

Etienne Steinmetz, responsable d'exploitation GSF Saturne« “Two years of experience at GSF convinced me to continue on this path.”

“I joined the cleaning business by chance when I started a Hygiene, Cleaning and Environment HND course in September 2011. My team finished second in the competition. I spent the following two years with the company which was very enriching. Since June 2014 I have been a technical Inspector at the Colmar branch. “

Etienne, Inspector, GSF Saturne

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