The Jean Louis Noisiez GSF Foundation opened its doors in January 2009 in the heart of Biot Sophia Antipolis. It is one of the largest care facilities in the Alpes-Maritimes area for people suffering from Alzheimer’s and similar diseases.
This foundation is the result of one man’s dream, Jean Louis Noisiez, CEO of the GSF Group. After many years helping healthcare facilities provide themselves with the latest medical equipment, he wanted to broaden his commitment by creating this care home.


Recognised as being of public interest in 2012, the Foundation offers day-care services for patients who can exist in a community environment. Supervision is provided by a seasoned medical team including a geriatric doctor and two gerontology assistants, a neuro-psychologist, a nurse, a psychomotor therapist, a team leader and five medical-psychological carers. From this year, the foundation is developing to provide 35 places a day by the end of 2018.


The Foundation sets itself apart through its customised approach to all its visitors. Before taking on a new patient, the medical team assesses with the family how advanced the disease is, to design atailor-made programme. It takes into account the person’s cognitive and motor abilities, their lifestyle, the associated pathologies, difficulties encountered and their interests. The definition of the person’s life project, reassessed every three months depending on the disease’s progress, aims as far as possible to slow down the loss of existing faculties.


The primary objective of the Foundation is, of course, to actively help the patients. But it is also interested in supporting the people look after those suffering every day, the “carers”. Firstly, by providing a specialised structure where, for a few hours every day, they can leave their loved one and take time out with complete peace of mind, recharging their batteries and finding the necessary motivation to cope with this disease that is so difficult to live with. The Foundation also regularly organises meetings and groups on the premises to provide psychological support. A time for listening and sharing, for expressing the suffering encountered and also evoking the difficulties of certain everyday tasks (administrative, for example).


The Jean Louis Noisiez GSF Foundation supports research into Alzheimer’s. It offers grants to researchers at Nice Sophia-Antipolis University. Since January 2016, the Foundation has been the home of research and experimentation for Doctor Broutart on “Mnemostimulation for finding forgotten memories through music and happily experiencing these memories every time a piece of music is played”.

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